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Book Review: Interstellar Cinderella

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Interstellar Cinderella

Title: Interstellar Cinderella
Author: Deborah Underwood
Illustrator: Meg Hunt
Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC, 2015
Format I Read: Kindle eBook
Genre: Children’s

I saw this book on sale through a BookBub e-mail, and I was intrigued from the title alone. Interstellar Cinderella tells me right away that this will be a sci-fi adaptation of Cinderella, and since it’s a children’s book, there will be a fun twist to it.

When I opened up the eBook for the first time, it announced that this was a fixed-format eBook (shown only in one direction, horizontal in this case), so it would look very similar to the print copy.

Cinderella studies ship repair late at night after her stepmother and stepsisters have gone to bed and she has completed her chores of repairing the zoombroom and other household mechanical things.

Like many children’s books, Interstellar Cinderella is told in rhyme (abcb rhyme, for those who might be interested or know what I’m talking about), and the rhyme seems very natural for the plot. The illustrations are very detailed, the colors muted – not surprising, when I think about it, since the story takes place on a “planetoid”. Cinderella dreams of fixing rockets and starships.

I didn’t realize how much of this story was carried by the – very beautiful – illustrations. On one page, the stepfamily receives the invitation to the prince’s “Royal Space Parade”, and the stepmother suggests Cinderella fix up the broken ship so she can go. However, when I flipped the page and saw Cinderella realize her toolbox is missing as the wicked stepfamily takes off, I wondered what I had missed.  I flipped back, and then noticed that one of the wicked stepsisters has taken the toolbox. A little bit disappointed that I had to double check that.

Cinderella’s robotic mouse calls for help, and the fairy godrobot comes to the rescue with a space suit and a power gem for the ship that only lasts till midnight.

Deborah Underwood gives an interesting twist to the tale after Cinderella arrives at the Parade, where she helps the prince repair his ship, talks for hours at the Gravity-Free Ball, but must hurry home at midnight. The prince searches for her and asks her to be his bride. I’ll leave it to you to find out what happens in the end. wink

Overall, this was a cute, fun read. I’ll give it a 4/5 rating. I definitely recommend it.



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