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Book Review: I Don’t Want to Go to School

Book reivew bannerdon't want to go

Title: I Don’t Want to Go to School
Author/Illustrator: A. J. Cosmo
Publisher: Thought Bubble Publishing, 2012, 2015
Format I Read: Kindle eBook
Genre: Children’s

I opened the eBook on my Kindle and saw that it was designed to look like the story and illustrations were done on lined paper. It’s the first day of school and a young boy dreads going, filled with worries and reasons to stay home. For a young boy, these can all be seen as valid fears, so the author connects with young readers off to their first day, as well as those who remember their own first days of school. However, I’m bothered by the mother’s responses, which always begin with “That’s silly!” Such a dismissive phrase.

One of the pages contains a lot of text, and an entire line is cut off at the bottom of the Kindle edition, so the book wasn’t formatted correctly for that page. I also wish that the text had appeared handwritten to add to the school feel; instead, the book just uses two fonts to differentiate between the boy’s lines and the mother’s lines.

The illustrations are fun – in color, looking hand drawn – and the story is relevant to the target audience, but I think I’ll rate this 3.5/5 for the dismissiveness.



An Arkansas transplant from Baltimore, Maryland, I am a yarn-aholic who also loves learning, chocolate, reading, writing, knitting, crocheting and photography. And music. Can't forget that.

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