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Writing Update 2017 – Week 1

Jan 1 – started plotting my first short story of the year. Got the main characters down and jotted down some scene notes, all in Scrivener. (Huge “thank you!” to NaNoWriMo for introducing it into my life. I love it!)

Jan 2 – no writing at all today, even though I did think the story. Tomorrow will be better.

Jan 3 – Wow… No writing today either. At all. Didn’t even do any planning about it. I don’t think I even opened my laptop to look at the file. This first week of writing isn’t coming on well, is it? Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Jan 4 – I actually wrote today! It wasn’t the original idea I had started the week planning, but another I had started planning and decided I would just start writing this one, which I hope will turn out to be the cozy mystery I want it to be, and set the first story, an urban fantasy, aside for another week. This new story is set at Christmas time in the fictional town of Bethlehem, Colorado. (Incidentally, there are around thirty real U.S. cities that bear the name Bethlehem.)  My main character, Mary Noelle Snow, is still hurting over her that her boyfriend broke up with her and got back together with his ex-girlfriend while they were still dating. She’s about to get involved in a murder mystery, where she also meets the new tenant, Nick Carpenter. As the mystery unfolds, so does a romance. 532 words written so far.

Jan 5 – Not even 100 words written today, but at least I wrote. Lesson learned: don’t wait until I’m starting to fall asleep after dinner to start writing.

Jan 6 – Umm… No writing again. All I managed was to upload it to Google Drive.

Jan 7 – No writing again. So, this first week of writing didn’t go so well. But, it’s a start. I’ll do better next week. Maybe I’ll continue working on this one while I write and plan next week’s story.



An Arkansas transplant from Baltimore, Maryland, I am a yarn-aholic who also loves learning, chocolate, reading, writing, knitting, crocheting and photography. And music. Can't forget that.

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