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Writing Update 2017 – Week 2

Jan 8 – Started planning this week’s short story, an urban fantasy about a half-elf who tries to ignore her magical heritage and be a normal human college student. It works just fine until some dark creature tries to kill one of her professors (who happens to be a full blooded elf) and now she must join her older siblings in training to be a warrior mage to save her school, her friends, her family. Sounds more like it should be a novel, but we’ll see where my writing takes me this week.

Jan 9 – I’ve already started thinking of an idea for next week, based on a story I’d started last year. But… No writing…

Jan 10 – planned out a couple of scenes for the story from Sunday and actually started writing! Granted, I still waited until late at night to get started, but that seems to be when I want to write. Temporarily calling the story “Avery Half-Elf” until I can come up with something better. Total so far: 674 words.

Jan 11 – No writing on the story itself, but I did add a couple of scene cards to the Scrivener file.

Jan 12 – Um… Oops… Spent the day cleaning and shopping and Scentsy partying.

Jan 13 – Just a very little bit. 289 words. I need to figure out what I can do differently to ensure that I write.

Jan 14 – I won’t give up!!!! I won’t quit!!!

Thoughts/Results: Yeah… I don’t know how possible it is to write several bad stories in a row, but I sure know how possible it is to write several incomplete stories in a row. I need to find out what I need to do in order to ensure that I write every day. I should follow “BIC-HOK” like was suggested in season one of the Writing Excuses podcast: Butt-in-Chair, Hands-on-Keyboard, and just WRITE! Whether I use a keyboard or pen and paper, I need to write. 

What are some of your routines, incentives, etc., that help you in your writing?



An Arkansas transplant from Baltimore, Maryland, I am a yarn-aholic who also loves learning, chocolate, reading, writing, knitting, crocheting and photography. And music. Can't forget that.

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