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Writing Update 2017 – Week 4



January 22 & January 23

Tossed around a few ideas, but didn’t settle on anything.

January 24

  • Project: Inkwell
  • Words Written: 232
  • Total words: 232
  • Thoughts: I remembered a prompt I’d found of a bookstore title — Inkwell: Books and Writing Supplies. What kinds of books and writing supplies could they be? Regular, everyday items? Magical? A blend of the two? So far I like that third option, and that the different types of books would be seen by all people, instead of magic hiding the magical books from the non-magic people. There are those who think that the sections with the magic books are just a joke, and somebody buys one, fully expecting it to be a phony. Oops… 😉

I also decided that I should try again writing flash fiction. I took a free class from Holly Lisle sometime last year, but I still haven’t completed those either. So I’m trying again with all new stories. The goal is to write five 500-word flash fiction stories that can be published together in a 99¢ e-book.

January 25

  • Project: Inkwell
  • Words Written: 339
  • Total words:571
  • Thoughts: It’s interesting. It’s already going a way I didn’t expect it to go, including a classmate who believes in the world of magic that I didn’t expect would be a believer. I need to research the difference between a wizard, a warlock, and a sorcerer. I’ve also discovered that writing seems to come easier for me when I use a clipboard, pen, and printer paper. Next to try it with a legal pad.

January 26

  • Project: Inkwell
  • Words Written: 348
  • Total words: 919
  • Thoughts: It’s getting better. I’m nowhere near ready to call this close to done, but that’s okay. Short stories range in length up to about 10 or 20,000 words or so, right? We’ll see what the next two days bring.

January 27 & 28

Wait… I forgot to write again? Well, as you can see, it takes time and effort to build up a daily writing habit.



    An Arkansas transplant from Baltimore, Maryland, I am a yarn-aholic who also loves learning, chocolate, reading, writing, knitting, crocheting and photography. And music. Can't forget that.

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