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Writing Update 2017 – Week 3

January 15

  • Project: Murder In Bethlehem
  • Words Written: None, unless you count me retyping the two opening scenes I’d already written on my phone onto my laptop.
  • Total words:
  • Thoughts: I will just work on this one because it’s what I really want to keep up with. And I’m sure we’re encouraged to write what we really want to write. Maybe I’ll end up writing lots of cozy mystery short stories this year. And I think I’ve discovered part of my problem. I’ve been trying to write on my laptop or on my phone. I wonder if maybe I really need to either hand-write or write at a desktop computer. I’ll experiment this week and share the results.

January 16

  • Project: Murder in Bethlehem
  • Words Written: 652
  • Total words: 1,333
  • Thoughts: Looks like it may have just been the location of where I write that might be the problem, rather than the device I use. I had been writing curled up on the couch or in bed. I tried writing with my laptop at the dining room table tonight and did a mix of writing and planning the story. I finally know who the victim is, but I haven’t yet figured out the killer. That’s who I need to focus on next.

January 17

  • Project: Murder in Bethlehem
  • Words Written:0 ….oops
  • Total words: 1,333
  • Thoughts: Not quite sure how this one happened. I had no school today, so I had plenty of time to write. I did end up listening to several episodes from the first season of the Writing Excuses podcast (totally love it!), and then got caught up in something I never read – a web comic. Well, I have three hours in between two of my classes tomorrow. I will make myself write!

January 18 & 19

Um…. how did I manage to completely forget during the past two days? I didn’t even have school on the 19th! This is interesting. So far I’ve managed to write two or three days a week.

January 20 (after a brief scare thinking that the draft of this post had somehow vanished)

  • Project: Murder in Bethlehem
  • Words Written: 856
  • Total words: 2,189
  • Thoughts: Today’s writing session may end up being the real beginning of the story, but I’ll worry about that after I deem it finished. I chose to write by hand, using printer paper, a favorite pen, and a clipboard. I guess starting where I really wanted to start helped me to get into the flow of writing a lot faster.

January 21

  • Project: Murder in Bethlehem
  • Words Written: 0
  • Total words: 2,189
  • Thoughts: After a trip to into town, I strangely found myself exhausted and couldn’t even think about writing. Again, I seem to be continuing my two-or-three-days-a-week writing streak. Has anyone else found that they can really only write certain days? At least the story is going where I think I want it to go.